Hi, it’s great to meet you.

I picked up the camera 10 years ago to begin documenting my work in the hair and fashion industries.

I soon discovered that being a portrait photographer is not unlike being a hairdresser. While technical skill and equipment are important, the things that really make for a great portrait are understanding and ease.

Are your goals and needs understood, and do you feel comfortable with your photographer and his or her space?

That’s why the consultation part of my sessions is so important to me. We’ll always talk before the shoot, so I understand how to help you tell your story. And during image review, if you don’t feel confident in the work we just did, we’ll keep going until we nail it. My goal is for you to leave satisfied and confident that we've captured your true self.

In addition to headshots and portraits, I shoot creative projects (fashion, hair, makeup, dark beauty), and make one-minute movies. All with a focus on people.

If you’d like to get to know me more before you book a session, please connect with me. I’m most active on Instagram:


Shawn Saint Michael