One Minute Movies

The One-Minute Movie showcases the most compelling stories surrounding your brand with cinematic impact.



People are compelled by excellence. They are fascinated by experts: those who are masters of their craft. When you do something well — whether you consider it a creative act or not — you have a story.

And stories are for sharing.

My story is that I’m an artist too, and an acute observer of excellence. The artist in me sees the artist in you.



During every shoot, the one thing that I’m obsessive about capturing is nuance: those moments and movements that communicate passion, expertise, and authenticity.

Those nuances are what make you distinctly you. Those are the things that differentiate a noteworthy brand from the rest.

I just find them and show them to the world.



These days, shorter is better.

I make One-Minute Movies because they say more in less time. These are specifically designed for maximum social media impact.


Is a One-Minute Movie for Me?

I work with individuals and teams to support brand launches, audience growth & engagement, product launches, and marketing campaigns.

One Minute Movies are not the same as contract commercial video work. If you’re looking for help with a product advertising, Kickstarter launch video, or scripted audience messaging project, get in touch about a custom project.

If you are looking for creative, dynamic, engaging content that communicates using cinema and artistry, consider working with me on producing a One Minute Movie.


How We Work Together

The One-Minute Movie is an unscripted, observational video that showcases the most compelling features of your brand in 60 seconds or less. Though it is unscripted, it is not unstructured. I use visual storytelling elements to create a narrative with very clear intent.

I spend time meeting with you to identify and understand your brand identity and marketing goals, and set a storyline for your One Minute Movie(s). You prepare your space, talent, and action sequence, and on shoot day I bring everything I need to capture you doing what you do best.

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